Configure your store for Klarna Checkout V3

Let us run through an example of how to configure the store for Klarna Checkout only below.

KCOv3 Settings

  1. On the module configuration page, choose the tab called COMMON SETTINGS, set the Testdrive to "Yes" if you like to test the integration. This determines if calls are being made to the Klarna playground ("Yes") or production systems ("No").
  2. Hit the button at the bottom right corner called "Save"
  3. Then navigate to KLARNA CHECKOUT V3 (KCO) tab and switch Active KCO V3 "Yes”
  4. Enter the Klarna API Usernameand Klarna API Password. If you don’t yet have Klarna API credentials, you can request them from: (production credentials) or (playground)
  5. Hit the button at the bottom right corner called "Save"
  6. Then navigate to tab called KLARNA CHECKOUT COMMON
  7. In the vertical tab inside this tab, make sure to have selected General settings
  8. Set "Active KCO in this shop" to Yes
  9. Hit the button at the bottom right corner called "Save"
  10. You're done, great job!

Configuration Options - KCOv3

The Klarna Official checkout module provides additional features and functionalities to make your checkout experience smooother for customer and to support your business needs. The below table lists the configuration available as part of the module out of the box. The functionalities supported are subject to change based on current features provided by the KCOv3.

Klarna Checkout V3

Setting Description
Active KCO V3 Select "Yes" to activate KCOv3 on your current shop and save the username/password.
Guest Account To enable new customer accounts profiles to be marked as guests, select "Yes"
Custom Checkbox Custom checkbox can be used to display a custom checkbox against custom text required to be shown on the Klarna checkout before customers can place an order. Based on the configuration, the checkout can be required (optional) to be checked before placing an order. The text included can be specific to the language of the shop
External Payment Methods (EPM) Klarna provides the options to include approved exernal payment methods on the checkout. These PM icons will displayed when checkout is loaded. The payment methods can be selected once the customer enters the required information and are then redirected to external checkout configured as required by the merchant

Klarna Checkout Common (Applicable to KCO v3)

Setting Description
Activate KCO Select "Yes" to activate Klarna checkout on your current shop else KPM module is enabled
Allow Message Enable to include option for saving a order message from the customer on the checkout which can be viewed in backoffice in Orders module
Use Two Column The Klarna checkout follows the two column layout in the Prestashop checkout page
Force Phone This options makes it mandatory for the customers to provide a phone number in the Klarna checkout when placing an order
Allow Sep. Address Enabling this feature enables options to provide separate addresses for billing and shipping within the Klarna checkout
Shipping details Select "Yes" to display carrier delay info on the confirmation page of the current shop
Activate callback The setting enables callbacks for confirmation of order details to validate final Klarna order details. The validation is not turned on by default and maybe used to confirm product inventory status
Show link to old Checkout If you enable for the shop, the default Prestashop checkout URL link will be displayed above the Klarna checkout. This link can be used by customer to redirect to the default PS checkout. This is not recommended checkout flow.
Show link to KCO in checkout When enabled for the shop, the default Prestashop checkout will have a option in the checkout page to return to the Klarna checkout URL. This is not recommended checkout flow for a smoooth customer experience. The Klarna checkout should be displayed and customers have the option to choose a different payment method from within the Klarna checkout.
DOB mandatory This option will when enabled will force customer to provide Date of Birth in the iframe
Prefill customer info When enabled the customer info will be pre-filled when available
T&C pages Select from the list of CMS templates available on the store to be included as the T&C page
Customer type Choose from drop-down to enable either B2C or B2B or both in the iframe
Show subtotal Enable to show sub-totals in the iframe
National ID mandatory Make national ID a mandatory field in the iframe
Title mandatory Make person title a mandatory field in the iframe
Color Settings Use the setting in this tab to customise the UI of the Klarna iFrame

KCOv3 Klarna Credentials Configuration

Klarna Checkout v3

Checkout Common Configuration Options

Klarna Checkout Common Settings

Common Settings

Klarna Common Settings