Configure your store for Klarna Payment Method

Let us run through an example of how to configure the store for Klarna Payment Method only below.

  1. Start by navigating to the module configuration page, and choose the tab called KLARNA PAYMENT METHOD (KPM)
  2. Then you will have to navigate to each country you would like to enable. This guide will assist with how to configure one country.
  3. Make sure to fill your EID and shared secret for the specific country
  4. Hit the button at the very right corner called "Save"
  5. NOTE! Use the "Testdrive" setting under the main tab "COMMON SETTINGS" to control whether you are running in "TestDrive" or "Live" mode. This will drive if calls are being made to the Klarna test or production systems. This is the only place to control Test or Live for KPM.
  6. You're done, great job!


It is possible to enable both services (KCO & KPM) at the same time in the same store. Just make sure to submit your information in corresponding tab for KCO & KPM. If no information is submitted to e.g. Klarna Payment Method (KPM) tab, it will be disabled in the front-office. The same goes with Klarna Checkout - that require you to set "Active KCO in this shop" to Yes while you've also make sure to submit your Klarna information to corresponding countries within the tab.